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All fields showing up double, problem saving

  • Hi!

    All of my custom fields appear twice on the add new/edit page.

    On the repeater fields, the first time it appears it shows the text that was there already (on edit). And the second time those same repeater fields show up they are blank. If I don’t copy the first set of values to the second set of values on any type of update, it will update all those fields with a blank value.

    It is clear the second set is the one updating the page, but the first set is the one gathering the content from the database and updating those fields that will not update the page.

    How can I fix this?

    Thanks so much for your time!

  • Hi @madav

    This issue indicates that you may have some fields registered via the UI and some other duplicates registered in your theme. You can help rule this out by switching to one of the stock WP themes and checking whether this issue is replicated.

  • Thanks so much for responding! So when I move off my theme, I don’t have this custom post type anymore. Any other ideas?

  • Any more thoughts on what I can try or check for to see why my fields are double?

  • Ok, so an update, if anyone is following ;). A recent update resolved this issue, and now both forms are being updated with the content on edit. I am still unsure why there are two forms. It is definitely in the theme itself.

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