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All fields get deleted

  • I have a very large field group with multiple repeaters and flexible content fields inside one another. It worked for a while, but now when I change something in the field group, ACF removes all the fields from all the groups – not just the one that I’m editing.

    No PHP errors are logged and all the max_input_vars etc. variables are set higher than usual.

    Any explanations why this could be happening?

  • Hi @noma,

    Thank you for the question.

    Is this happening on a local or live server?

    Is it possible to create a new user for me so that I can take a look? Please remember to mark your response as private when sending the credentials.

  • Hi,

    it’s happening on a local development environment, so it’s not possible to give credentials. If it matters, there are WooCommerce and WPML installed too. The error has happened on two developers’ machines (though pretty much identical Vagrant environments with one another).

    If you can come up with any more information about the settings or so, just ask and I’ll provide them.

  • Hi @noma

    This issue could be stemming from WPML, you can investigate if this is indeed the culprit by deactivating it to check if the fields will become visible.

    I would also recommend you ensure that both plugins are up to date, there was a bug in an older version of WPML that was causing fields to disappear but I believe it has now been fixed.

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