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All acf powered widgets dissapeared

  • All acf powered widgets disappeared – no errors, no bugs… they just refuse to appear in the frontend completely – other none ACF widgets appear.

    PRO 5.11.4

    Tried turning off all other plugins.
    no changes done to the theme in the past month.

    1. widgets worked (showed in the front) a week ago.
    2. they work in the backend
    3. just don’t appear at all – as if won’t render on front.

    What else can I do to debug/find the cause…
    have created a dev-only environment to try and test it out.

    going crazy here, any help appreciated

  • We are having the same issue on multiple sites. As a temporary fix, we are able to get the widgets to show up on the frontend by editing/publishing them via the customizer.

  • OMG thank you man (Really!) appreciate you ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️
    i spent 2 days on this shit.

    ACF staff should really show a popup / a quick post notifying in such cases
    we are wasting a lot of time and grow white hairs trying to track such things

  • No problem. I’m glad that it helped.

  • Thank you oncecoupled. This drove me crazy as well. The problem does still occur in Pro 5.12. As a tip for others: In the customizer widgets appear, which don’t show up on the frontend. We actually had to delete and then add the widgets again for them to appear on the frontend.

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