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All ACF Post fields suddenly in sidebar

  • I’ve been working on my ‘Posts’ all day, but at some point my repeater fields ended up in the sidebar rendering them too narrow to work with.

    Does any know if there’s a setting, function or css tweak that can get the fields of this repeater back in the main area of the Post entry page? I’m out of ideas.

    Fortunately, my ‘Pages’ ACF fields are fine. I’m using Chrome, WP 5.5.3, ACF Pro 5.9.3


  • I have the same problem, it don’t goes back to the normal position…

  • I have a solution install this plugin

    then move the metabox to the right position and save, then deactivate this plugin and it will be ok!

  • Thank you for this suggestion. I resisted trying this workaround at first. but after creating a brand new WordPress installation which worked perfectly for a few days, one of my field groups broke again and went back to the sidebar.

    Maybe I’ll find the real cause of my problem some day, but this works immediately.

  • Happy to Help Cathy!
    Take Care!!!

  • If you click on the move up link on a field group when it is the first group after the content it will move into the bottom of the sidebar. Move down will have the same effect if it is originally pages high above content. It’s easy to click these new features on an ACF field group.

  • A client called me about this today. First i had no idea what he was talking about until i hit one of the move buttons myself and knew what was the problem (even though I had no idea what to tell him why it was happening). Fortunately, I found the workaround posted above (thanks) so that he can at least keep working on his content.

    So, the problem is with Gutenberg?
    Is there maybe a way to disable the arrows temorarily until there is a “real fix” to this? I don’t want that he can accidentaly click on it again, because it happens way too easy.

  • Nevermind sorry! I found a way to remove the arrows on only both of my fieldgroups. I can share if anyone is interested.

  • Same problem, nothing helps :/ all fields are placed in right sidebar

  • I’m having the same issue — I accidentally clicked an arrow, and now I can’t retrieve my field set from the sidebar — and attempting to change the position from the fieldset’s own edit screen has NO effect. I’m not sure what the intended functionality is supposed to be here, but it’s not working.

    Any advice about how to get my fieldset back to where it’s intended to be, other than trashing it and remaking it, or disabling Gutenberg, would be very appreciated.


  • The only way to fix this is to use the arrows to move the field group back to where you want it. This is a new WP feature and is not something added by ACF.

    You can also look in the DB in the usermeta table. Each user has an entry in this table that sets the meta box order. Deleting these should reset things.

  • Hey John, thanks for your reply. This exact same thing happened with one of my client’s account. I think inside ACF tools there should be a button to reset it which basically automatically delete these keys and the users don’t have to manually find it in the DB.

  • I think there should be something in WP that allows you to do this myself because it’s a WP issue. I found this plugin that will allow the currently logged in user to reset their own. Looking at the code someone could potentially make it work for all users.

    What I do now is that I completely disable the ability for users of any kind to move the field groups around. I don not use any default WP editors and I only use ACF fields and I build admins to display the field groups in a logical sequence of what needs to be done. I also place them all “high after title” so that all other plugin meta boxes appear below the editors I add.

  • I looked at that plugin too but it just adds way too much stuff. That’s why I looked at that plugin code to get the inspiration and then make a way slicker version from it.

  • That’s the problem with most plugins, they add too much that will never be used.

  • Hi Guys,

    This may be of use to anyone in the thread so thought I would post it up as a solution.

    This plugin just allows you to resize the Gutenberg sidebar which makes working with ACF repeater fields, WYSIWYG’s or any other large field a lot easier.

    See here:

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