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AJAX-generated ACF forms don't submit correctly

  • Hi there,

    I’m creating a user profile system where I place different ACF forms in different parts of the profile, which are switched between using AJAX.

    When I load my /user-profile page the first time, all the forms behave as expected. The forms (not currently processed through AJAX) save and the new value is correctly reflecting when the page reloads.

    When I switch to a new part of the profile page using AJAX, however, the forms there no longer work. When I submit a form, I just get a white page with the number 0, and all of the AJAX queries displayed in the URL.

    My skills aren’t high enough to understand exactly what is going on here. It seems that the form is incorrectly processed as if it were an AJAX request, when it’s in fact just a normal form submit.

    My best guess is that the URL parameters are not reset after the page is loaded and that they confuse the form when I try to save it after switching modes?

    Or is something else going on?

    (I’ve done the things that were suggested on the documentation page for the acf_forms() function)

    Thank you for your help!


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