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Ajax posts names as you type in the Text field

  • Hi,

    I have a custom post type called “cards” that I use for my database that has 500+ posts where each card has it’s own post.

    I than use advance custom fields with repeater field and a text field to create decks on my main post, where I will write the slug of a card from the “cards” CPT. I than use that slug in and in the back end do a query and display a nice listed deck of all the cards that I listed. You can see this in example here

    If you see on the right hand side the deck list of each card, each one of those cards is it’s own post in the “cards” CPT which I than on that post use the repeater field with a text field and type in that card’s slug.

    I was wondering is there anyway to add ajax to a text field and have it linked to my “cards” Custom post type so as I type in the name of the card or slug it will give me options to chose from and quickly complete it so I don’t have to type out the entire card name each time, similar how the with default wordpress tags it will auto complete as you type via ajax.

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