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After Upgrade from v3.5.8 to v4.3.7, custom fields are hidden

  • Hello all,

    So I just upgraded from v3 to v4, got all my custom fields figured out and loading fine.

    Now the only issue left is that when you view a post type with custom fields associated to it, some fields show but others don’t. After examining the code, all the data is there, but the div’s/tables’s have a “display: none;” style associated to them. Most have this line of css associated to the field:

    .acf-conditional_logic-hide, tr.acf-conditional_logic-hide, td.acf-conditional_logic-hide, th.acf-conditional_logic-hide: display: none;

    None of the fields have Conditional checked YES. Also, all screen options are turned on.

    One example is a Flexible Content area, I see the titles on those areas, but the corresponding textarea has the above style associated to it.

    If I remove the display: none’s while inspecting the page, all the fields show up fine and display their correct data.

    Did I miss a step somewhere in the update? Do I need to “refresh” something else?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Well… it hardly ever fails. Submit a support question and then figure it out 10 minutes later…

    I went through every custom field group in the admin, expanding every item, and “updated” all of them.

    Now everything shows correctly.

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