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AFC fields not showing on front end post editor

  • on the backend the acf fields that i created for post type post is showing correctly however on the front end post editor the acf fields are not showing, only the wrapper is there but no codes

    <div id=”acf_after_title-sortables” class=”meta-box-sortables ui-sortable”></div>

    nothing is inside the wrapper..

    Screenshot of front end issue

    can anyone help me with this? or any suggestions where should i start looking for the issue?

  • Hello,
    I think I’m suffering the same annoying bug!
    Did you managed to fix this?

  • Can you share the code you are using to pull your custom fields in the front end? You should echo the custom fields like this:

     $var = get_the_field('my-custom-field');
     <p><?php echo $var; ?></p>
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