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Advice re Gutenberg and ACF Pro

    • leanda

    • November 9, 2018 at 9:11 pm


    I’m about to start a new site build that will make use of ACF Pro. The site is due to go live a week after WordPress 5.0 is released. I’m looking for a little bit of advice regarding how I should approach the build.

    Should I start the build using the current stable version of WordPress and ACF? Or develop the site using the beta version of WordPress 5.0? Or use the current version of WordPress with the Gutenberg editor installed? I’m also not sure if I’m going to run into any issues with ACF Pro.

    What is the best way to approach this?

  • It is was me, I would start building in the current version of WP. Then when 5.0 is released I would update and see if anything breaks. If it does I would see if I can fix the issues. This isn’t really advice, just what I would do.

    If you plan on using gutenberg then you might want to consider installing the plugin.

    You will have issues. Others are. ACF is not really ready for gutenberg yet. The developer is working on it.

    • leanda

    • November 10, 2018 at 3:44 am

    How about updating to 5.0 and running the classic editor plugin, any ideas how ACF will perform in that scenario?


  • You can install classic editor and activate it. That should keep everything running. However, WP just announced that they will stop supporting classic editor in December of 2021.

    • John O

    • November 13, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    As far as I understand it, if you install the Classic Editor now and activate it, you can then run WP5 with the Classic Editor and switch to Gutenberg any time you like in the future. As stated by John Huebner earlier in this thread – support for the Classic Editor has been declared as ending in December 2021, as WP see this as an interim measure and do not intend it as a permanent option.

    My current plan is to run WP5 with the Classic Editor in the short term while any potential issues are resolved. I have been using Gutenberg with ACF Pro and it really is great with loads of potential. I fully plan to get my clients using it as soon as possible.

    I’ll be testing it in staging environments of their websites before switching to it on their live sites though.

  • My plans are pretty similar to the last comment. All of the sites that have been built and that will be built before the release of WP5 will be put on classic editor. I don’t expect to build any new sites before the release unless it gets delayed more. Our current clients have 3 years to update their sites. I don’t know if the update will cause any issues or not. This testing and updating is not something that I’m just going to do free of charge in most cases. Once 5 is released and ACF updated to work with it I don’t actually expect a lot of issues, but one never knows. After the release I will be building using 5. I figure at that point I have 3 years to figure out if WP is still the platform I want to work with depending on the direction it takes in that time.

    • John O

    • November 24, 2018 at 6:09 am

    On the WP Core chat on Slack this week it was stated that WP plan to support the Classic Editor “…until at least 2022 and likely beyond.” Gives extra breathing room as last I heard too was 2021. 🙂

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