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Advanced custom fields not showing properly

  • Hello there
    This amazing plugin was working perfectly on one of my regular Cpanel Linux servers.
    after migrating the site to Amazon servers for my clients website the nice designed boxes disappeared and only “custom fields” are showing..
    (attached screenshots)
    any clue why this is happening and how I can resolve it?

    anything I need to enable from the server side?
    maybe php version?

    please advice

  • Hi @hamergil

    1. Check for JS errors on the edit page. These could be preventing ACF from showing
    2. Double check that your location rules are correct – if you were using the ‘post’ or ‘page’ location rule, the post ID’s may have changed during the migration between servers. Please re-save your field groups to fix this.


  • what can I say Elliot.
    you are the best.
    it was the second option. for some reason after migrating
    the page template rule was changed to “default template” which was incorrect in my case.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Elliot, how to show acf in custom posts?

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