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"Advanced Custom Fields" doesn't appear in backend!

  • Hello,

    After a few months of great experience with this plugin, it suddenly just stopped to work (in the back-end). It means that in the website everything works fine, and you can see the content that previously added via the ACF, but when try to edit in wp admin – there’s no edit area (boxes) ! (attached #2)

    When open Chrome console, I see JS error: “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function”. (attached #1)
    The exception happens in this file:

    BUT – I’m not sure if this is the cause of the bug above (that I can’t see any edit windows)… BTW – I can’t also click on the “Screen Options” on top-right of the screen. It’s not responsive.

    Your help is much appreciated!


  • Hi @orenmedina

    This is most likely as a result of a plugin/ theme conflict.

    In such a scenario it is recommended to deactivate any recently installed or updated plugins, if this does not work you should then switch to one of the stock WP themes to investigate whether the error could be triggered by your current theme.

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