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Advance Repeater Searching

  • Hello i’m looking for some help in advance repeater searching using MYSQL.

    I have a repeater called classes which has the following fields:
    – title
    -price disclaimer

    I’m looking to write an SQL which will search the database and return results that have a style of Wushu and price is between 0 and 30.

    I have managed to write an SQL which searches the database and returns the ID of the user it is attached to. However and here lies my problem, my sql returns all users which style of Wushu and any class which is priced 0 and 30. It is not checking if that specific repeater row of Wushu is priced between 0 and 30.

    For sake of clarity i will write some example classes:
    – Class 1 has a style of Wushu it is priced at 60£
    – Class 2 has style of wing chun and it is priced at 30£

    My Sql should return 0 rows but it returns 1 as the user has a Wushu class and a class that is below 35. But I need it to search if that class of Wushu is below 35£.

    I hope that makes sense and i would deeply appreciate any help from anyone. I’m really stuck here and exhausted all my options.

    Thank You

  • Sorry forgot to mention if there is a php solution i’m open to that too. Doesn’t have to be MYSQL but initial thoughts it would have to be?

    Thank you

  • Hi @raff_rizzetti

    I think this is a bit too complex for the purposes of this free support forum.

    Due to time restraints, I am unavailable for this kind of custom code help.

    I wish you good luck and please do read over the documentation for the repeater field to see how the data is saved!


  • I was unaware there was paid support?

    I know it’s stored parentname_rownumber_childnumber. But just get it to search all repeater rows and keep the data together.

    Is it something that is possible? Or am I attempting to do something impossible?

    Thank you

  • Thank you for your response elliot.

    Further to my previous response, is there an option to pay for support or an option to pay for this particular bit of code i’m seeking? If so how much would it cost?

    Thank You

  • Hi @raff_rizzetti

    No, there is no paid support, only free.

    I would estimate a freelance developer would take 3 hours total to create and test the query. This would cost anything from $60 to $150.

    That said, I am not available for freelance work. You must find another developer who would be capable of performing the task.

    For reference, there is a good doc here to get you started:


  • thank you for taking the time to respond back to me.

    I appreciate youre a busy person. I will seek out a freelancer to try and help me with this.

    Thank you for the link i will read through that and see if i missed anything first time round.

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