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Advance Custom Fields in Multisite

  • Hi, I am using advanced custom fields in WP Multisite. The problem now I am facing is I cannot retrieve data to front end.

    I created three sites in Multisite and I created one page using ACF and set up the fields and I assigned it into relevant page.

    I can add data using back end, but when I called to that fields in front-end, it is not showing it in front-end. I tried with vardump too. But nothing showing.

    Any suggestion highly appreciated…

  • I’m going to need to ask some questions, they may seem obvious but I need more information.

    Did you add this field group in all three sites?
    Are all the sites using the same theme?
    Did you create the same page on all three sites?

  • Hi John,
    Simple answer for all questions is Yes. 🙂

  • I have ACF running on several multisite installations and it’s working fine. Can you post some of the code from your template where you’re having a problem getting ACF fields to display?

  • Hi,
    I am facing the same issue. Did you managed to resolved it?

    Any help will be highly appreciated..

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