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admin performance improvement without object cache in memory

  • Hi

    I’ve been using ACF PRO for few years now and it’s very useful and intuitive.
    However, there is a performance problem when in admin pages (like post editing) when no memory object cache is available, usually on a shared hosting

    The ability to save more final data for frontend pages does not exists for admin parts

    I might be mistaken, but:

    1. Transients are not in use at all – could be beneficial when there is no better option
    2. Unlike meta values, in the post admin page the acf data is loaded field by field. Why is that?
    3. I would suggest at least allowing some filtering of the caching methods, so an external solution could be provided. For example, using transients if no other solution is made. Moreover, one would be able to save multiple fields to pass between different calls.

    Besides, even with stuff like memcache/redis, if the site is heavily loaded, lots of calls can have some performance impact.

    Any thoughts?

  • Yea theres a few issues with ACF:
    1. It seems to be explicitly breaking when memcached is enabled.
    2. There seems to be no good or official way to serialize a posts variety of fields. Each field is an individual piece of post_meta. It would be really great if ACF just serialized all an objects fields or if it gave us the option when building out fields to say fields a b and c while visually different fields should be stored on one post_meta entry.

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