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Admin Order – on edit custom post

  • Hi!
    I seem to have a problem with the order of the field groups.
    We have a custom post type that have a few different field groups related to it. But their order does not affect in what order they are presented on the edit-custom-post page.

    In the ACF overview page the order works fine, and I would expect them to work on the admin-post/page pages as well?

    I’ve tried to put the most important group as ‘after title’ but that doesn’t seem to help.

    A group with a order value of 100 is still rendered above the one with order 20.

  • Hi @studiogulo

    Is it possible that in the past you have drag / dropped the metabox to create a custom order on the edit post screen?

    This will override the priority order that ACF gives the metabox…


  • Hi elliot!

    Yes, unfortunately I’ve probably done so. I’ll try to show everything again an rearrange the other metaboxes, might that work?

    Can I clear this ‘view settings’ somehow? The order of the metaboxes?

  • Hi @studiogulo

    Unfortunately, no, I don’t know of a solution for this…

    Perhaps there is some usermeta in the DM you can remove to clear the save order?

    Good luck mate


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