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Admin Fields Layout Changed after Update

  • I am not sure if it was related to WP 5.x or an ACF Pro Update

    I am currently at:
    WP 5.1.1
    ACF PRO 5.7.13

    After the updates all the ACF fields in the Admin have updated to be formatted incorrectly. I build all the fields with PHP and it I previous had in the width value a number and percentage ie “50%”. However, ACF no longer excepts the “%” character and results to no width added, but fields are floated.

    I had to go through all my php fields and remove the “%” symbol.
    However, I think this should have been left in to make it not have any issue with people updating ACF. Therefore, if people update and get this issue I would consider that a Bug or at least a breaking update.

  • It may have been in the change from ACF4 to ACF5, I’m not sure. ACF5, as far as I can remember, has always used numbers for these values.

  • Thanks, but I have been using ACF5 for awhile and update it periodically, I checked my git logs and it looks like the last version I had that everything was working on was Version: 5.7.7 with WP 4.9.8.

    So either it is an issue from updating ACF5 from 5.7.7 to 5.7.13 or something to do with WP Updates.

    It’s not a big deal for me as I will go through and update the values, but it might be an issue for others when they update. Although I am not sure how many use the “width” parameter.

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