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Admin Conditional Using Checkbox

  • Hey ACF,

    Is there a quick way to filter in an admin-side conditional test based on a checkbox instead of a radio field value?

    Here’s why:

    Custom post type: Dish

    Name of Dish:
    Garlic Home Fries

    Check the menus this dish appears on:
    [ ] Brunch
    [x] Lunch
    [x] Dinner
    [x] Happy Hour

    if ($happy_hour) : show field($happy_price);

    You get the idea… simple to write on the front end but I need the logic on the back end.

    Further complicating things, I need the price setup in a sidebar whereas the meal details are configured in a center metabox above the content.

    Should I resign myself to setting up a WP Alchemy metabox for pricing, or can I bootstrap ACF into doing it?

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