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Adjusting field width?

  • I have recently taken over a site that uses Advanced Custom Fields PRO/Page builder to create an employee landing page. The landing page had two employees on it, and I needed to add at third. It automatically added the third below the original two, as opposed to alongside. I feel like I’ve been through every piece of the backend of the site and cannot find a place to change this. Any ideas?

  • There isn’t anything in ACF or the backend of the site that controls the front end display unless the developer that built it added those controls. What you are looking for it the template code that outputs those fields.

  • Any ideas as to where that might be? I’ve scrubbed through the backend of the site, nothing in the code references this, and the code for the page is blank, only the ACF page builder controls the content.

  • I would search the code of the theme and potentially plugins for a reference to the field name.

    If you can’t search code then I would start with the template the page uses and follow the code from there.

    This might be helpful

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