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Additional values inserted without the field group

  • Hi guys, @Elliot

    I wonder if it would be possible to add an additional value to an element of a group of fields by the page of the post/page/cpt?


    I have the field group “Fruits”, and a “select” element with: Orange, Banana, Apple and strawberry.

    I’m on the publication page, but forgot to insert the fruit grape. In this case I would have to access the Fields group, Edit the group related to the fruit, open the Fruit and the additional element new fruit grape, right?

    But if there was the possibility of a button “add new value” or “insert new” fruit “,” be with the publication element, so that, when you click Open a field you can enter a new value, wouldn’t it be nice? Without having to do all the way to add the new value, or even prevent a user having to request you, insert the new “fruit” to your list.

  • Hi @websul

    I’m afraid that feature only available for the radio button field. If you want it for the select field, you can always submit a feature request here: This way, your request can be passed directly to the plugin author.

    Thanks 🙂

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