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Additional data with the relationship

  • I have 2 field groups, one for photos and one for people. I then have another field group for the relationship between people and photos called people_in_photo. This works fine and when I edit a photo, I see a list of all the people in the photo.
    However, I need to store some other details along with the relationship for each person. If I was doing this in MySQL I would have a table called people_in_photo as follows;

    Otherdate2… etc

    Is there anyway along with the relationship (id’s) to add other fields?
    Many thanks

  • My first approach with this was instead of using a relationship cpt, i’d use a repeater field in the photo table with a relationship pointer to the person and the other fields I need for each person. However, this approach was said to be wrong by other members of acf support.

    I can’t see any other way though.

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