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Adding Values Repeater Field

  • Hi I am trying to make front end post on my wordpress site by ACF& Repeater, The page template contains a Title ,Contents and a table of checkbox (weekly availability schedule)
    Pls check attached image

    I created a Repeater field using ACF which have minimum and maximum 7 rows so how can I add each row of table to repeater subfields I wish to add data to each row separately because schule can be different for each day so I wish to add data by row Index/ID

    Pls help me how can achieve same

    Some thing like following PHP code

    Something like following php code but dont know how to make it workable with acf,wordpress Pls help

    mysql_query("UPDATE slot1 SET mon='$chkmon1', tue='$chktue1', web='$chkweb1',thus='$chkthus1',fri='$chkfri1', sat='$chksat1', sun='$chksun1' WHERE slot1=1");

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