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Adding image to a template part

  • Hi, I want to add a background image to footer.php. It is not a post, page, user, forms? Any help? Thanks.

  • You are going to have to provide more information.

  • Ok let’s try again. I want to create a field to add an image to my footer area; to do this, you need to select what type of field it is. footer.php is not a page and is not a post. You need to decide where you want this custom field to go. If I select let’s say Post Type, is equal to, I have 2 options Post or Page, footer.php is neither of them. header.php and footer.php are part of the theme but are not pages.
    I just want anyone to be able to change the footer background image without me coding it.

  • ACF Pro gives you options pages, this can be used for things that should be accessible to anywhere on the site and can be edited in it’s on location.

    Without using this you could create a CPT and have posts in this CPT to add fields for this type of thing and then you would get the values by telling ACF what post ID they are on.

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