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Adding Fields Values to the end of a URL

  • Hi,

    I am trying to add a custom field value to the end of a URL.

    Our website has a catalogue of products with each product page populated with links to Amazon and Ebay. Each product has a unique Amazon number (ASIN) and a unique ebay number (ebay ID).

    As each product page has numerous buttons linked to Amazon and ebay, I want to be able type each unique product number into a custom field and then each button’s link will automatically add the product ID to the end of the URL.

    for example:

    this is a standard Amazon product URL, the number on the end is the unique identifier (the ASIN)

    I want to be able put something on the end of the URL in place of the ASIN that will instead populate with a value typed into a custom field on the backend.

    Can this be done with simple %tags (e.g. %’field_name’%)

    or will this require something a bit more advanced?

    I’m pretty new to coding and wordpress so any help in regards to this would be really appreciated


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