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Adding Fields to Settings > General

  • I need to create and add Options to the Settings > General section and I’m wondering if anyone can explain to me how to do this with ACF?


  • Currently is is not possible to add field groups to the that admin page. You would need to add another options page under Settings and add your fields there.

    If you must add the fields to that options page then you’ll need to stick the standard WP method described here and setting the $option_group to ‘general’ will add fields to this page.

  • Thanks John.

    I’m a programmer so let me ask it this way; do you think my staff and I could team up and develop an extension to achieve this or is there a technical boundary that makes this virtually impossible (or just such a high volume of time it’s stupid).


  • I think the main reason why this is not included in ACF is that the admin pages, with the exception of the ‘dashboard’, do not support the add_meta_box() method for adding custom fields and ACF works mostly though this function.

    With a few exceptions I’ve found that ACF does what could be done by anyone using standard WP functions and reading through the codex, if they wanted to put the time in.

    To be honest, I don’t know if it would be possible. I know a lot about WP and ACF and I’d probably be looking at a few hours of research digging through the code for both just to figure that out. Without knowing if or how it might be possible I couldn’t begin to say how long it might take.

    I like to think that nothing is impossible and that the hooks probably exist to get it done, just not easy to accomplish.

  • That all makes sense to me and sounds fair and reasonable! 🙂 Thanks!

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