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Adding field elements after the menu item anchor

  • Hi I followed the guide:

    This i got to work fine. But i wondered if i can use the above method but append the field outside the menu items closing anchor tag rather than inside it?

    My intention is to have a hover popup that appears on certain menus that displays text and links (via the wysiwig editor). Currently using above guide, i can only put the field within the exisiting menu item’s link which isnt ideal.

    Many thanks for the help

  • Hi

    You can try other filter that wordpress provides, for example, ‘walker_nav_menu_start_el’.

    This is basically the hook i used to do my mega menu too 😉

    So, your code would look something like:

    add_filter('walker_nav_menu_start_el', 'append_da_damn_hover_popup', 15, 2);
    function append_da_damn_hover_popup($item_output, $item) {
        // if there's no content, just return the <a> directly
        if (! get_field('popup_content', $item)) {
            return $item_output;
        $popup = '<div class="menu-popup">';
        $popup .= get_field('popup_content', $item);
        $popupt .= '</div>';
        return $item_output.$popup;

    Cheers. 🤠

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