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Adding data to acf field while creating post via api

  • Hi everyone.

    I have a question that I don’t even quite know how to search for. I’m in need of adding data to a post that has custom fields on it, via the api on creation of the post. Let me describe what I need and please let me know how I might do this if it is indeed possible.

    I have a mobile app that creates data in the field with a registered user. When the user logs in, the app checks our site via jwt auth to see verify login and pw. We return certain data to the app upon success. The app is used, and when the user is done with the app, the second to last step is the app hits the wordpress custom post type API to create a new post. The post is created, and the system returns the postID to the app… so the app can store that data with all the other data out in the cloud. We use that postID to reference back. It all works great.

    My problem is, I’m trying to find a way to store two additional data keys when the app creates that custom post on our server. That custom post type has acf fields assigned to it, and they work great in the site…

    My question is, is there a way for my external app to create a new custom post on my server AND store additional key numbers in ACF fields for me to reference later in the same step. I am supposed to be able to set parameters on the custom post type like Draft/Publish, etc… but can’t find any ideas of how I might put data in an acf field on creation of the custom post.

    Thank you for any guidance you might offer.

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