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Adding custom fields to the user registration page

  • Hi,

    I’m creating a site (still in development) that allows users to register but will not approve them. Approval is managed by Admin users.

    What I am wondering is if it is possible to:

    a) Add an ACF to the new user registration page?
    b) Add an ACF to an existing users page which will allow them to upload images to their page (I have bought the Repeater field). Approval for these new images is not required.

    I am using ACF 4.4.3, repeater field 1.0.1 and WP 3.8

    Thanks for any advice/help 🙂


  • I should add, I do not need ACF to handle anything to do with registration, I have sorted that out already and only added it to my question for background info.

  • Just FYI I have got b) working. Any help on a) much appreciated.

  • Hi @kevleitch

    Currently, ACF4 does not support the ‘register’ page, but ACF5 does!
    ACF5 will be out in the next month or two, so I suggest leaving this for now, and upgrading to v5 when available!


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