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Adding custom fields to the dashboard

  • Hi,
    I have the ACF pro version, I’m wondering how I can add a custom field to the wordpress dashboard. Just like an options page or inside my own custom dashboard widget?


  • There isn’t any way to add custom fields directly to the dashboard using ACF. There might be an indirect way to do this, but that would depend on what it is you want to add and what you want to accomplish. Do you want to add fields and values that the user can edit? What would these fields control/change? Or do you just want to display the field values from somewhere else?

  • I want the user to be able to add/edit/save a field group on the dashboard, just like on an options page. (just that the field group will be added to a meta box). I want the user to be able to edit their social media icons and links there. So it’s just a repeater field with an icon and a link.

  • Like I said, there isn’t a direct path to adding editable fields to the dashboard using ACF. There are no hooks in WP that ACF can use to do this. You will need to create an options page or somewhere else to attach the ACF field group to. To put the fields on the dashboard you will need to create a dashboard widget In your dashboard widget you could probably use an acf_form()

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