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Adding an image gallery

  • Hi,

    I have no issue adding fields etc, however, can someone advise on how they would go about creating a gallery setup with multiple thumbnails and lightbox.

  • More like aseries of listings, when the user clicks to see more about that property for example, I can then show thumbnails with lightbox popup mages.

  • You need to figure out what you will use to show these lighbox galleries, be that plugin or some script that you add to the site. After you do that then you build a PHP script that creates the code you need and substitutes ACF field values rather that hardcoded images.

  • Why don’t you simply use the gallery field?

    Depending on your framework/theme would depend how you handle the lightbox.

    I use Bootstrap as a framework for my themes, so I tend to use the bootstrap lightbox

    However, there are various plugins you can use to add the lightbox effect

  • Thanks @jarvis I also use bootstrap, but I did not want to say what should be used. :). In any case, the code needed is dependent on what is used. I was also thinking the OP was saying they would use a gallery field and did not think about using other types of fields. I have created galleries using a repeater for some clients when more than an image is needed like captions and the like. But in any case how the fields are used would be dependent on the code needed for whatever is used.

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