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Adding ACF Field to WordPress Post

  • I have downloaded your plug-in (eventually going to buy the repeater field and a few other add-on’s that you offer) but first I need to see if what I’m wanting to do is, in fact, possible? I’ve been literally trying to accomplish this for over 2 weeks now and I’m not having much luck (most likely because I’m a novice PHP developer, but I know enough). But here’s what I want to accomplish:

    First off, I’m using the Templatic ‘Directory’ theme for WordPress as the ‘base’ of my site.

    What I want to do is continue utilizing this theme and when I submit a new listing, I need a repeater group (with approximately 5-6 subfields) to display on the front-end form. Is this possible? I have not yet purchased the repeater plug-in because I need to first know if this is even possible or not.

    So far, what I did was:

    1.) Downloaded and activated the ACF plug-in
    2.) Created a field group with ONE field
    3.) Added that one field to my page template
    4.) Went to my site and clicked on ‘Submit Listing’ and my field appears.
    5.) But it doesn’t do anything! It doesn’t go anywhere and it doesn’t appear in my new ad.

    Can you offer up some suggestions on what I might try next? I assume I need to ‘hook’ it into ‘something’ right? I also need to know which specific WordPress files that I need to edit in order to include my new ACF field along with the other custom fields that I have in my ad.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions that you can send my way.

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