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Adding a Tab Without a Field

  • Hello,

    First, I absolutely love ACF. It’s such an amazing plugin.

    I recently purchased the Pro version and am playing around with the Options page. After grouping my settings into tabs (a great feature), I thought about adding a final tab that contains just HTML content (i.e. a text blurb and link)… no field. This tab would be for documentation purposes. It doesn’t appear that this is a possibility, at least not a glaring one. Is there perhaps a hook somewhere that would let me access a specific tab and add simple HTML content to it?


  • Or even a way to hook into before/after the options page fields to insert content above and below the tabs?

  • The ‘Message’ Custom Field type will do exactly what you want.

    Add one to your Field Group under the new tab, and paste the HTML directly into the container there.

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