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adding a page link to image custom fields

  • I’m just starting out using ACF and only recently WordPress itself, so it’s been easy for me to get lost in the undergrowth:)…I am using a number of custom fields of the IMAGE type…I’ve got a very simple custom template that allows my client to add any number of images to a page using these custom fields…the images all show up nicely, but I need to enclose the images in an <a> tag that will link each image to a unique page on the web site…I don’t see any way to do this using the WP dashboard interface that ACF provides…what I was hoping for was the same kind of interface workflow that my client could use in the regular WP PAGE editor window: click on the ADD MEDIA button, go to library and choose an image, then select the image element that has been generated in the editor and click on the LINK button, and choose a web site page to link to from the drop-down menu…again, each of these images has to go to a different, unique page on the site…any way to do this easily with ACF?…thanks!

  • You can do this by adding a field group and setting the location rule to “Attachment”.

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