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Adding a link field to the gallery?

  • Im currently struggling in trying to add a link to the gallery field. This way, the user can add a pagelink to the image that links automatically to it when you click it. Can someone help me out a little and tell me what I need to do?

  • Are you trying to add this link on the front end of the site so that the thumbnail in the gallery links to the full size image?

    Or are you looking for a way to add a link while editing the gallery field?

  • Im trying to edit the gallery field in a way, that lets me add a link when I edit the field and that I can later on access per code. I tried to modify the gallery field core code myself but that didnt really work out^^

  • You can’t really add another field to the Gallery, but you could add fields to attachments that could be edited when adding an image to the gallery. Then on the front end you can get these fields using the attachment ID and use them to do what you need to do there.

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