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Adding a "LIKE" selector to taxonomy rules

  • We’ve had no issues adding fields to WooCommerce Attribute Terms (eg: Attribute being “Color” and Attribute Terms being “red”, “blue”, “green”). We can do this in the ACF “Location” section by selecting “Taxonomy” and then “is equal to” and then choosing an attribute (like “Color”). When we edit terms for “Color” we then have a new field, in our case, an image for a color/fabric swatch.

    However, we now have more than 30 Woo attributes and each attribute needs a location rule – it’s very unruly (sorry for the pun).

    This would be so much easier if we could have something besides “is equal to” and “is not equal to” for the match:

    comparison operator

    Having an SQL “LIKE” would be great. We have attributes named in such a way that if we could do “LIKE” and then “%leather%” or “%marble%” or “%melamine%” we could have a much shorter list of rules and our catalog folks wouldn’t have to remember to add new rules unless they’re adding a whole new class of attributes with a new name.

    Any clever way to achieve that?

    Just an example showing a snippet of how many attributes are here:

    attributes select

  • Done!

    I’m sort of “wait and see” on the ownership change, but I can certainly see the advantages of having more resources available. I’ve seen some neat feature requests not happen probably more due to limited time/talent than anything else.

    Would like to see them hire you, John, if that’s ever an option. 🙂

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