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Adding a Flexible Content Field in Multiple Places

  • Hi All,

    I’m currently undertaking a bit of a weird project, and trying to build out a page builder of sorts with ACF, rather than use one of the off the shelf options. So far, I have my content section coming along nicely. When adding a new row of content, I set up a button group to choose the column layout, and depending on the choice of columns, I have it rendering up messages to say which columns it is (full width, first half/second half etc.)

    What I want to do, is give each column a flexible field choice within it as well, so each columns gets its choice of content. I have the content options setup within a different field group, containing one flexible content field filled with the different content options (text, image, accordions, maps etc). What I was hoping, is someone would know how to append this field, or field group under each of those columns, using JS, or some similar method.

    If I’ve not been clear, let me know and I’ll try clarify! Hopefully someone can help me out here!

  • There wouldn’t be any easy way to tie these two field groups together.

    Normally, when setting up a flex field the layout name would be something like ‘full_width’, ‘two_columns’ etc. and then each layout would have the fields used in that layout.

    There is not a way of selecting which of the layouts set up in another field group to use in each of the layouts of the second groups without an overly complex amount of javascript because there would be no way for the second group to be “aware” of what was created in the first group.

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