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Add_Sub_Row not adding rows

  • Hello All,
    I am having issues with adding row (add_sub_row) to a repeater within a repeater.
    My setup is:
    ‘release_tracks’ Repeater field
    -‘track_credits’ Repeater field
    –‘track_credit’ Post Object field
    –‘track_credit_text’ Text field
    –‘track_credit_role’ Text field

    $current_row = array('track_credit'=>0,'track_credit_text'=>$track_extra_artist_name, 'track_credit_role'=>$track_extra_artist_role);
    add_sub_row( array('release_tracks', $trow, 'track_credits'), $current_row, $release_postID);

    $current_row = Array ( [track_credit] => [track_credit_text] => Dan O Stofels [track_credit_role] => Recorded By, Mixed By )
    $trow = 3
    $release_postID = 7153 (the post id being updated)

    I run this but no rows are added. echoing the add_sub_row statement gives a ‘1’ meaning the row should be there, but its not.
    I can add a row from the Admin section and it shows fine and appears in the database. I run the script again and it outputs a 2, meaning there should be 2 rows, but only the one I put in the Admin is there.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Everything else on this page is working but this.


  • Just wanted to add since I’ve still been attempting to solve this.
    I was able to get the update_sub_rows to work on it’s own outside of the rest of my script.
    It seems to stop working though once I put an IF statement before it.

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