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add_row in a clone field

  • Hello, I’m having an issue trying to insert a row into a flexible content which is a cloned field in another flexible content layout.

    In my database the field have the value field_60dd6f2f4890b_field_6075935dba60e and when I try to use
    addrow(field_60dd6f2f4890b_field_6075935dba60e, ['acf_fc_layout' => component_name', ... ...], $field_id);
    nothing seems to happen. The error seems to come from the field value, and I don’t really know why because it’s the same as the database when doing some tests manually.

    I can’t really find any help on the docs about this feature.. Maybe I can get some advice here.


  • if you are finding a field with a value of “field_60dd6f2f4890b_field_6075935dba60e” then this is likely the field key reference and not the field value.

    I cannot really tell by your description what your field setup is. Add row will not work with nested repeaters including flex fields. Can you give a better description of your field setup?

  • Sure, here’s how the setup looks like


    The “content” is a flexible content field
    The “aside-content” is a cloned field from an ACF group just made for clones.

  • Hey @hube2, do you have any news about this subject?
    I’m back at it today and you didn’t answer the last comment, I’ll try to figure this out. Hope I’m not bothering you.


  • Found out the solution, after some digging, I’ve realized that I didn’t try using the add_sub_row function. Which solved my problem using the following code:

    add_sub_row(array(self::content_field, $this->row, self::aside_content_field), [
        'acf_fc_layout' => 'aside_image',
        'aside_img_credit' => 'test',
        'aside_img_image' => 196
    ], $this->post_id);

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the double posts!

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