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Add_row and WYSIWYG issue: no auto-embeding

  • Howdy,
    I have an issue with add_row, WYSIWYG field and oEmbed.

    I have a repeater_field named “messages_list”, with 5 sub_fields.
    One of these sub_fields, named “mess_content”, is a WYSIWYG field.

    I push new rows from front-end in my repeater_field using for exemple :

    $value = array(
          'sender_id'=> 1,
          'recipient_id'=> 2,
          'mess_content'=> $params['content'],
          'is_read'=> 0,
          'date_and_time'=> $params['date_and_time']
    add_row( 'messages_list', $value, $post_id );

    My problem is that auto-embeding doesn’t work in “mess_content”, until I resave the post from the back-end.

    Any workaround for autoembed to work directly after field update?


  • embedding some things does not work when updating and inserting posts because this does not run any functions on the inserted content that are usually run when updating content in the admin. I don’t know the solution to this, but I found this that might get you going in the right direction

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