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Add WP CLI command to sync all ACF Field Groups

  • Hi there! Opening this thread as a public topic, although it’s actually for the development team of ACF:

    Could you guys add a WP CLI command to sync all ACF field groups to the ACF core? This would come in very handy for automated synchronization between various environmetns. I have build a little plugin that does this, but really think that it would be a very nice feature to have officially supported.

    Here’s a gist of my plugin:

    Install it and call the command like this:

    wp rhau acf-sync-field-groups

    (rhau is just my namespace for all my custom wp cli commands).

  • The development team does not routinely visit this forum, you need to send feature requests to them here

  • Thanks @hube2 , I have also written to the ACF team directly. Just thought that until the feature lands in ACF, my little plugin could come in handy for other users as well.

    I have already received a reply from the ACF devs. They will consider introducing a similar functionality in ACF core! 🎉

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