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Add “Visibility Rules” to Options Page UX?

  • I have what I am aware is a unique situation, and I already do this via code (so please, don’t tell me how to do that, it’s solved). I’m looking for a way to duplicate this with the ACF Options Page UX.

    I have a parent Options Page with true/fasley checkboxes to enable features.

    Some of those features have their own settings pages, which I want to only be available if the feature-box is checked.

    I know how to do this in code. I have a check to get the specific option for the feature, and if it’s true, I have acf_add_options_sub_page() run.

    But this is something I have to do in code.

    What would absolutely rule, would be if I could apply visibility rules to Options Pages. I can (and have) made a custom rule for “Is feature enabled” and I use it for per-page things (like ‘show this meta box if you’re on a single post and feature X is enabled). I would love to be able to extend this to options pages, so I could say “Show this option page if this feature is enabled.”

    Again, I can do it in code, I do not need help there, but I’d love a UX so I don’t have to be the one to do it all the time 😀

    So is there a way to ‘add’ Visibility Rules to the Option Page UX?

  • I’ve done a dive into the code and I don’t see any way to modify the admin UI page for options pages. Logically, there should be because it is a post type, and you should be able to add field groups to this post type. Obviously ACF is preventing this. I’ve also found no filters that would allow changing this.

    I hate to say this but once again I have to say that you should contact the developers directly. They don’t monitor these forums and are not likely to see your question and they are likely the only people that could answer it.

  • @hube2 Figures. I’d semi-hoped the ACF devs did monitor this (or hired someone to make tickets, since in my case, the account owner isn’t me!)

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