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Add to Gallery Button not working

  • I am using the gallery field on a front end form, the add to gallery button does not working when using Chrome on Mac, however it works fine on Safari on Mac.

    Using latest wordpress and ACF pro versions.

    No other plugins are effecting this.

    What is the issue?

  • I’m having the exact same problem. The “add to gallery” link it’s only working in Safari.

    Hopefully this helps to resurrect this topic.

  • I have the same problem. Adding only works for the administrator. Not for other users. I still don’t have a solution and it’s pretty crucial for me. That’s why I installed ACF Pro.

  • There could be any number of possible problems from permission issues to JavaScript errors.

    Are there any JavaScript errors reported when the button is clicked?

    Have you tried enabling debug logging and checking to see if any PHP errors are reported when clicking the button? Adding to the gallery causes an ajax request and there could be a php error during the request.

  • Sounds as if there are multiple causes of the Gallery field not being supported in a Front-End form.

    For me, the solution was to grant the ‘Upload Files’ capability to the user. SOLVED.

    (In my case, I’m using MemberPress and Members, and I granted the capatility to the ROLE in question.)

    Hope this helps

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