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Add personal description to each FC element

  • Second time using Flexible Content Field and I only miss something to tag, to describe each one of the elements used on the list. Eg: if I have elements like Text, Image and Video, choose two of each one to use on page, when close all the box to order easily, it’s difficult to see what is in each one.

    Could be a good ideia to let me add a description on each element, to describe what content is in box, like simulated in the image attached.

  • I also miss this option. I usually have 5 to 10 elements on one page and it takes a bit of time to find which is which.

  • the developer has recently added an option to select how to label a repeater field when collapsed and I think that something similar is in the works for flex fields.

  • I see this option on in a repeater field but not in a flexible filed. I also think it would be good to see the label all time, not only when it’s collapsed.

  • Like I said, I think something is in the works for flexible fields. nYe had to start somewhere.

  • I was looking through the code to implement this and got this idea. The screen has a new button near the name, this button uses the JS prompt() command to get the name and save this as a hidden field for the element:

    <input name="acf[field_55c66a077308e][56b8f273a6d03][acf_fc_layout]" value="colunas" type="hidden">
    <input name="acf[field_55c66a077308e][56b8f273a6d03][acf_fc_title]" value="My description" type="hidden">

    If the returned text from prompt() is blank, it will return to the original name. The other good thing to do, could be putting a button on top of the sortable elements to collapse all.

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