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Add page as parent to custom post type (breadcrumbs)

  • Hi! (dont know if this is the right forum but..)

    I have created a custom post type called ’employees ‘to create single workpepole that are shown listed on a custom template at
    But when im going to a single employees post the link changes to :
    and i want it to be

    The Permalink structure looks fine until you get to the single “employee” page.

    any solutions? im trying to get the sites breadcrumbs to work but this issue breaks it.

  • You may be able to achieve what you want with some combination of the ‘has_archive’ and ‘rewrite’ arguments when registering your custom post type. Perhaps something like this:

    'has_archive' => 'about/employees',
    'rewrite' => array(
    		'slug' => 'about/employees',

    Don’t forget to flush your permalink settings after making this change, and watch out for URL conflicts if you already have a page at /about/employees/.

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