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Add-On's ?

  • I brought pro a while ago, and keep coming back and having a play with it, but would like to learn to use it properly.
    I downloaded the latest version, but where do I get the add-ons ?
    They don’t appear to be included in the main program, and I can see how to download them ?

    I have to say, the website is very confusing – there needs to be a totally separate section for Pro

    Thanks, Dave

  • If you have ACF 5 Pro then the add-ons are included. You should have options to add repeater, gallery and flexible content fields when adding a field group. Options pages generally need to be added in your code somewhere.

    Everything is explained in the documentation.

  • Hi @daveporter

    To add to Hube2’s comment, ACF PRO has only been out a short while and can be found here:

    The free version of ACF (found on uses add-ons which can be found here:

    At the moment, ACF is transitioning from add-ons to a pro version. Perhaps this is the confusion. I hope this clears it up.


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