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Add-ons don't showing in groups creation

  • I don’t know if it’s a bug (start using ACF two days ago..) but I try to install many addons in many ways (from WP admin, manual from GitHub) and I did’nt see the choice ‘Adress’ for Address field add-on or ‘Location’ for Location Field add-on in the type field.

    WP v3.5.2
    ACF v4.1.8.1

    Edit : After deactive/active ACF and Location field, its seems to work, but still have this issue with the Address field add-on.

  • Hi @transistor

    Have you tried to place the add-on in teh wp-plugins folder and activate it as a normal plugin?

    Also, have you contacted the developer of the add-on via github?

  • @elliot by wp-plugins did you mean wp-content/plugins ? If then.. yes

    I also try to include it in my theme, but after some debug tests, its seems that the plugin is fire before ACF set up. class_exists( 'acf_Field' ) return false.

    I send an issue to the developper of the add-on.

    Thank you.

  • Finally found a solution,

    if someone got the same issue, the author of the add-on seems to don’t want to update the add-on to work with ACF4.

    But there is a fork downloadable here that work with ACF4.

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