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Add one year to a date

  • Hi,

    I have a question, i would like to add 1 year to a date create with a repeater field.
    In front office i display, one date called “first-date” like that :
    <?php the_sub_field(‘first-date’); ?> (it’s a field type date-picker)
    Now i want to display another date called “second-date” that display the same date that “first-date” but with adding one year.
    Can somebody can help me?

  • Hi @titia2478,

    There’s a great example in the ACF Date Picker docs under “Advanced” that will help you achieve this!

    The example increases it by a day, so you could adjust accordingly for your needs to increase it by a year and then output that new date in your chosen format.

    (If you want to learn more about the PHP modify function, here are the docs for that as well).

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