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Add-on versions

  • Hello

    I just retrieved an existing website and I have noticed that we have the plugin ACF 4.4.11 with the add-ons premium.
    Here the name and version we have:

    • Advanced Custom Fields: Flexible Content Field : v. 1.1.1
    • Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field : v. 1.1.1
    • Advanced Custom Fields: Options Page : v. 1.2.0
    • Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field : v. 1.1.1

    I used to work with the pro-version before with all integrated.
    Please, what is the actual version of the add-ons? Are they safe/deprecated/not supported?

    Is it worth to move to the pro version to have all in the same plugin instead of 5 plugins to load?

    Many thanks



  • The adons get updated normally and the last I new they were still working.

    If you have the login for the account that ACF4 addons were purchased with, if you log in you may find that you can download a copy of Pro already. When ACF5 was released I’m pretty sure that everyone that purchased addons got a free upgrade.

    Yes, it is worth moving to ACF5

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