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Add-on development

  • Hi,

    I’ trying to turn one of hacks into a add-on for ACF to make it neater and to publish it. However im having a hard time finding the resources to help me through that:

    1- Can I use existing ACF fields in my add-on? eg: a repeater with multiple text fields? if yes how? what is the right way? I want to show the repeater under the post/page only or as a front-end form.

    2- Where do I work on the front-end side of the add-on (the out put)?


  • Hi @et3rnal

    Not really getting it? You’re creating an add on for ACF with a new field type?

    Or are you creating an add on without field types that isn’t really an addon for ACF but rather a plugin that utilizes ACF for its meta?

  • Hi, I believe i’m doing both!

    I want to create an add-on for AFC to create a new field type, however when you assign that new field to a (eg. post), I need to show a repeater (per-defined) of a new field type and use it’s values to create a custom front-end output.

    – To give an example, I want to create a calendar plugin, that can be assigned to any post type.
    – It will have a repeater to add events (repeater of text(title), date&time(the new field type) )
    – Then in the output will show the calendar with its events

    At the moment I have done that by creating theme templates, CPT and exporting ACF code inside the theme, which is utilizes ACF as you said.

  • Ah okay..

    well there’s some information on creating your own field type here:

    Other than that it sounds like you’re just creating a good old regular plugin.
    More info on using ACF in your own plugins here:

    Is that enough info?

  • Sorry for the late replay, I had exams.

    Well, I don’t think what I want is possible to make it into add-on because it consist of multiple field types including a default one.

    Thanks for your help anyway.

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