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Add new input field to ACF Link

  • I am currently trying to add an additional input field where users are able to specify an aria-label inside the already existing link field. I’ve attached an image to give a visual representation of what I am looking to do.

    Then on the frontend you would use something like $link[aria-label] to get it from the link array.

    Any help to achieve this would be amazing. Thank you!

  • The link box you included the image of is actually the standard link field modal, the same one that is used when inserting a link into the built in WP editor. This is what ACF uses. To add fields here you would need to add them through WP if that is possible…. I don’t know if this is possible.

  • Ok, thanks John! I’ve done a lot of investigating between when I posted this and now and I’ve also come to the same conclusion. So I’ve just added a separate textbox field next to the link field. Isn’t as nice, but does the job!

  • I came here for the same request and also to add an aria-label field. Bummer that I’ll have to add a new field for every field or try acf extended plugin. Accessibility is important

  • I’m sure that if WP added settings to the built in link editor that ACF would follow and add whatever is needed to use those settings. ACF uses the WP link popup. I think that people expecting this of ACF are looking in the wrong direction first. ACF, in most cases, uses what is provided by WP.

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