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  • Hi!

    Is there a field (or a way) to create a new post from within the post editor? My idea is to create posts with the repeater field, for instance: Given two custom post types “Classrooms” and “Pupils”, be able to declare new pupils inside the “Add New Classroom” page (i need both classroom and pupil to have their own url).
    That way it would not be necessary to get out of the classroom, declare pupils, get back to classroom and relate them with the post object field.

  • Hi @permanyer

    Currently, this is not possible, but perhaps it is a good idea for a future add-on.


  • OK, thank you.

    Following with the example, we will end up doing the following:

    1. Add New Classroom
    2. Publish Classroom
    3. Add New Pupil
    4. Assign Classroom to Pupil
    5. Publish Pupil

    Which is ok.
    But yeah, i think it would be better to be able to add new pupils inside the edit classroom page.

    Thank you!

  • I’m looking for the exact same functionality – it would be very powerful to have it as a part of ACF but until then, have you seen any examples of someone doing something like this or hints on where to look?

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